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Making Startups Safer for Workers

October 9, 2023|ByAaron Rosenson

Equity Pooling is a rational, sensible approach to optimizing one’s equity outcomes at startups.

Normalizing equity pooling is an important part of our mission at Aption. We have deep awe and sensitivity for the risks that hard-working founders and employees must bear, in their quest to provide for themselves and their families.

These startup professionals are trying to build equity wealth, in addition to earning an income. They are not investment professionals, nor are they risk junkies – their massive concentration in one or two investments is circumstantial. Founders and operators deserve the attractive returns of PE/VC benchmarks, but with more reasonable levels of risk.

Workers have a right to build equity wealth, while avoiding the unnecessary and excessive levels of volatility, illiquidity, and exposure that come with lacking a portfolio. They can achieve these rights and goals with Equity Pooling, in a way that benefits the whole ecosystem – from employees to investors.

We are excited to make startups a safer place to build and protect wealth. In a way that is a win-win for everyone.

Aaron Rosenson

Aaron is a Chief Investment Officer & Co-Founder at Aption and a former General Partner at Aleph, an early stage venture capital fund.